• Project Profiles

    The most powerful testament of our capability is our client list, which is comprised of world-class institutions and private corporations at the leading edge of scientific advancement.  We are proud of our legacy of distributing products made in the USA.  Scroll through some of the projects below for insight on projects we've completed.

  • Education

    University of Minnesota | Biomedical Discovery District

    Scope: Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. was awarded a contract with Mortenson Construction and Architectural Alliance for the new construction of a state of the art facility providing flexible research space giving scientists everything they need to fight today's health challenges.  This project is the largest project ILS has been awarded.  With 100 fume hoods, 4 floors of flexible laboratory casework and a variety of laboratory equipment, ILS is excited to be part of this project. 

    Value: $12,000,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Enterprise Tables & LV Fume Hoods, Cage/Rack Tunnel Washers, Sterilizers, Walk-In Environmental Rooms, Snorkel Exhaust, Lab Glassware Washers, Biological Safety Cabinets

    Design Build Assistance: ILS was hired early on in the design construction process to assist in all Vivarium equipment procurement and coordination.  ILS has also assisted the design construction team by modeling the entire project in RIVIT. 

    Luther College - Sampson Hoffland Science Center

    Scope: This project was construction of new 64,000 square foot Science Laboratory and Research Center for Biology and Chemistry.

    Value: $1,500,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Steel & Wood Casework, Fume Hoods, Norlake Environmental Rooms, Priumus Sterilizers, Miele Professional Glassware Washers and more. 

    Completion: Spring 2008

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Scope: Ten Story, 284,000 sq ft. of building, and 116 laboratories

    Value: $7,000,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Steel Casework, Fume Hoods & Kemresin Lite Worksurfaces, WaterSaver Fixtures, EJS Environmental Rooms, GE Medial X-Ray Equipment, Steris Surgery & Procedure Lighting and much more!  Contact us to learn more about this project. 

    Completion: Summer 2004


    University of Minnesota Kolthoff Hall

    ILS is close to completing a large project at the University of Minnesota Kolthoff Hall with Mortenson Construction and RSP Architects.  The project consisted of 169 fume hoods an 6 floors of lab furniture.

    Buena Vista University

    Scope: Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with the school facult and BWBR Architects on the design phase of this brand new facility.  

    Value: $700,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Steel & Wood Casework, Kewaunee Fume Hoods, EJS Environmental Rooms, Epoxy Resion Tops, Sinks and Pegboards, Custom Stainless Steel Aquarium Tables & Shelves

    Completion: Spring 2004


    Wartburg College

    Scope: This project consisted of renovation and addition to the existing Becker Hall of Science located on the campus of Wartburg College. 

    Value: $1,400,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Steel & Wood Casework, Kewaunee Fume Hoods, Labconvo Flask Scrubber, Nuaire Bio-Safety Cabinet, EJF Environmental Rooms, and much more. 

    Completion: Fall 2004

    SD School of Mines and Technology

    Scope: Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. has been a long time equipment supplier and contractor at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology.  Throughout this project, ILS had the opportunity to work with Research Facilities Design to add a two-story addtiion to the Chemistry Building.  This space is one of the few scientific building upgrades on campus and opens the door for many other campus improvements. 

    Value: $1,800,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Oak Casework, Kemresin Tops, LV & TruView Fume Hood and Interceptor Biological Safety Cabinet

    Completion: June, 2011


    Montana State University

    Scope: Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. was awarded a contract with BN Builders for the Gaines Hall Renovation project.  This project consisted of 34 Fume Hoods and 4 floors of lab furniture and equipment.  ILS assisted in various value engineering exercises to keep the project in budget without sacrficing quality or scope. 

    Value: $1,100,000

    Products: Kewaunee Scientific Steel & Wood Casework, Fume Hoods, WaterSaver Fixtures

    Completion: Fall, 2009

  • Medical Industry
    Boston Scientific Corporation Weaver 3

    The design team consisting of HCM Architects, MCE Engineering, and ILS worked with individual lab users for several months programming each space.  Through several phases of design meetings each laboratory evolved from the user's concept of useable space into an efficient set of laboratories.  These systems allow Boston Scientific the needed flexibility within their laboratories and gives them the foundation for future growth.

    St. Jude Medical - Technical Center

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with St. Jude Medical and Architectural Alliance leadership teams to create the labs for the expanded global headquarters campus in St. Paul. The four story 180,000sf facilities provide light-filled space for offices, labs, training, light manufacturing and research and development. The new building is designed to achieve LEED certification.

    American Medical Systems

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with ESG Architects and McGough Construction to build a lab in the second phase of American Medical Systems expansion.

  • Governmental Agencies
    Rocky Mountain Research Station US Forestry Service

    ILS just completed working with RCS Construction to build the Rocky Mountain Research Station's Forest and Grassland Research Laboratory, and Rocky Mountain Region's Forest Health Protection Laboratory.  The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers of Omaha designed the complex.  The owner of the project is the USDA Forest Service.

    North Dakota Crime Lab- Bismarck, ND

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked closely with Joseph P. Larrivee Architects out of Bismarck and the owners to design a new state of the art lab.  This is a new construction facility.  ILS is working with Northwest Contracting on this project.  It is currently in construction phase.

    Environmental Protection Agency – Kansas City

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. consulted with the owner and the Architect, Clark Enerson Partners of Kansas City, MO, regarding the design and equipment selection for the new Regional EPA testing facility. This project consisted of 53 individually designed labs, each for a specific use. ILS continues to act as the laboratory consultant and maintenance contact for all of the laboratories and the equipment in them.

    USDA “APHIS” Building

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and the Architect, HOK of St. Louis, to generate this impressive National Veterinary facility. The project consisted of standard laboratories and Bio Security Level 2 and 3 laboratories.

  • Food and Agriculture
    Cargill Animal Nutrition Innovation Center

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. designed and built the 1500 square foot Microbiology and Feed Applications Lab at Cargill’s Animal Nutrition Innovation Center in Elk River, Minnesota. ILS worked closely with the scientist and facilities management to meet the specific needs of these animal nutrition labs.  The lab features Kewaunee steel casework, fume hoods, and epoxy resin countertops, and utilizes Primus sterilizers.

    Land O’ Lakes Dairy Laboratory

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with Land O’ Lakes, Architectural Alliance and McGough Construction to renovate their dairy laboratory. ILS refurbished existing casework, and incorporated new casework to match the WilsonArt Gibraltar Tops.

    Cargill Dow, LLC.

    ILS helped to construct this new Research and Development building adjacent to the production plant. To maximize the flexibility and use lab space efficiently, this lab features Kewaunee Scientific Alpha Flexible Furniture. These furniture systems allow the Cargill Dow scientists to easily adapt the lab to suit the different types of research and quality control.

  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
    Bozeman Water Reclamation Facility - Bozeman, MT

    ILS worked with HDR Engineering and Williams Bros. Construction to build a new lab for the Water Reclamation facility.  The products on the project consisted of wood laboratory casework, laboratory fume hood, Labconco canopy hood, resin tops.  The project contract amount for ILS was $89,000 and completed in July 2011.

    Rapid City WWTF - Rapid City, SD

    ILS worked with Lind Associates and J Scull Construction to meet the needs of Rapid City's growing population and their subsequent needs at the municipality.  This was a very cost effective and practical laboratory for standard day to day wastewater testing procedures.  The project contract amount for ILS was $73,000

    Southwest Pipeline Project, OMND Regional WTP Building - Zap, ND

    ILS worked with PKG Contracting on the build out of a new lab.  This was an ARRA funded project.  This one room project consisted of steel laboratory casework, resin tops and sinks, and Watersaver faucets.  The contract amount for ILS was $27,000 and this project was completed March 2012.

  • Industrial
    Ecolab – Al Schumann Campus

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked with Ecolab facilities management and the Architect to renovate an existing lab at this Eagan, MN facility.  They were able to reduce project costs by incorporating existing casework into the design, as well as expand the lab area and functionality with new Kewaunee steel casework and Alpha flexible furniture systems.

    Bushmills Ethanol

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. was brought on from the inception of this project to help design and build the laboratory area in Atwater, MN.  ILS furnished and installed Kewaunee steel casework, resin countertops, and equipment including a Miele glassware washer.  

    Basin Electric Power Cooperative

    Innovative Laboratory Systems, Inc. worked closely with EAPC Architects of Bismarck, ND to design and build a new water lab at the Dry Forks Station in Gillette.  Located 7 miles north of Gillette it is a coal based electric generation power plant.   This lab features polypropylene casework and epoxy resin countertops for additional chemical resistivity.