• Products Available

    We offer only the highest quality products in the  laboratory industry.  The range of products available includes everything from casework systems, fume hoods and biological safety cabinets, glassware washers, sterilizers, walk-in/reach-in environmental chambers and much more.  We are proud that our products help to promote a safe, sterile, ergonomic, efficient work environment designed to accommodate our customer's exacting needs.  

  • Kewaunee

    Kewaunee Supreme Air Fume Hoods

    With the variety of models available and the wide-ranging option packages, these hoods can be tailored to the application needs of any modern laboratory.  These hoods assure reliable and efficient operation at the highest level of safety!


    Kewaunee Alpha™ Flexible Laboratory Casework

    Alpha is adaptable furniture that provides casework, work-surfaces, support structures, and integrated services.  By combining these elements, Alpha System creates labs of functionality, adaptibility, mobility, and beauty.  We can help you design a lab that meets your specific needs!

    Technical Work Stations

    The Evolution, a column-based system is the industry standard for today’s flexible work environment.  It changes operational requirements quickly and cost-effectively; offers a variety of standard accessories and provides readily accessible connections to power, data, and services, from the ceiling or floor.

    The SturdiLite is a flexible pedestal-based design, strong enough to support 1,000 lbs.  Sturdilite features durable construction, superior craftsmanship, easy installation and reconfiguration and sufficient stability for ultra-sensitive instruments.  Ideal for critical needs of test-and-measurement applications.

    The SturdiKwik is a rugged, durable slotted-post furniture system, combing tough construction with flexible rearrangement options.  This system features value, quality and five minute assembly.  Available with ESD options for sensitive electronic areas

    Stand-alone benches blend value, versatility, and strength.  Ideal for limited space, these benches feature a range of adjustable height settings, depths, widths, and accessory choices.

    Kemresin Tops & Sinks

    Kemresin Drop-in Sinks are formed in metal molds to provide a lipped one-piece tub with coved corners and bottoms pitched to the drain outlet. They are made from a combination of modified epoxy resins, upgraded for maximum properties with carefully selected curing resins and inert fillers to produce a thermosetting material. After being removed from the molds, they are cured at high temperatures for several hours to complete the chemical reaction, and ensure maximum chemical, impact and thermal shock resistance. Drain outlets are sized for 1½" sink outlets unless otherwise specified. They are designed to be mounted in Kemresin tops in a specially rabbetted cutout so that no support from below is required.

    Stainless Steel Casework & Tops

    No.4 Finish
    Type 304 furnished as standard, but other types are available when specified. Type 316 supplied for Perchloric Acid fume hoods.
    Good chemical resistance to a wide range of reagents.
    Recommended for sterile and radiological laboratories.

    Scullery Sinks & Custom Hoods

    We offer single and multiple sink installations, backsplashes, drainboards, bottom shelving and customized features to meet your needs.  Custom hoods include small, medium and large applications.  Compact hoods are portable and suitable for table top are ideal for extraction of solvents, fumes and powders.  Medium-sized units are portable and offer powerful fume extraction and air filtration.  Large hoods feature higher airflow and filter capacity.  Durable, reliable and capable of providing a filtration system for the most rigorous industry requirements.

    Kewaunee Biological Safety Cabinets

    Safety and Ergonomics! No two factors are more important in the laboratory environment. Kewaunee has earned the trust of our customers for more than 100 years, building products specifically for the laboratory with these two principles in mind.


    The Interceptor Class II, A2 Biological Safety Cabinet is Kewaunee's latest design. Developed with comprehensive features created to enhance both safety and ergonomics.

  • Primus Sterilizer Company

    Primus Sterilizers and Autoclaves

    The lab space benefits from a consistently sterile environment.  Sterilizers and autoclaves defined by versatility and rugged design are relied upon for high pressure and sterile laboratory experiments.  Many standard sizes are available and customized options are available for unique applications.

  • Reach Ins

    Biocold Walk-In Environmental Chambers

    Environmental rooms and environmental chambers include walk-in cold rooms, stability rooms, reach-in chambers, stability chambers, refrigerators, freeze-thaw chambers and incubators.  User interfaces include touch screen, microprocessor-based controls.  Our product solutions provide lab staff with optimal temperature, gas and humidity control.  Customized options available. 

    Flammable & Acid Storage Cabinets

    Secure, storage cabinets to withstand corrosive acids and compounds, fabricated from heavy guage materials, with options including leveling feet, galvanized steel shelves.  We also offer small containers for flammable and non-flammable acids and corrosive liquids.  Solutions are available for sulfuric, nitric or hydrochloric acids.

    General Laboratory Refrigerators & Freezers

    Our products are manufactured by BioCold.  fast temperature pull-down and recovery times. They meet regulatory validation standards, in terms of uniformity and control. 

    Refrigerators come standard with a glass door and four adjustable shelves.  Options are available for reduced humidity and other applications requiring ultra-low cold storage.

    Freezers have solid door(s), rear wall plenum, and oversized refrigeration system.  Standard temperature range is -25°C to 0°C. Additional models to -40°C are also available.  The test of a stability freezer is in the defrost cycle.  On our stability freezers, we combine a rear wall plenum with aluminum heatsink on the plenum and floor to achieve a temperature rise of not more than 5°C on defrost.  Freezers are adaptable to the conditions of the facility, unit location, air moisture and can achieve specified temperatures. 

  • Nuaire

    Polypropylene Casework & Countertops

    Case work includes seam-welded, reinforced polypropylene construction for long-lasting, rust-proof solutions.  Features include adjustable, drip-proof shelving.  Countertops are chemical resistant and tested to meet exacting laboratory conditions. 

    Polypropylene Fume Hoods

    The fume hoods are seam-welded, reinforced construction designed to relieve stress points, ensures durability.  Polypropylene is a technologically advanced material providing corrosion and thermal resistance and tensile strength.  Polypropylene fume hoods include UV stabilizers and anti-oxidizing agents for thermal resistance.

  • Nederman

    Snorkel Hoods & Ductless Fume Hoods

    Solutions for testing, filling, milling and grinding bulk powders and chemicals.  Enclosing equipment and setting up large-scale chemical operations.  floor mounted designs to accommodate applications that require additional vertical height not found in standard benchtop hoods.  Sashes and access doors allow easy insertion or removal from the enclosure.  Customized and application specific products available.

  • Watersaver

    Eyewashes & Safety Showers

    Our lab safety equipment is tested and meets the highest quality assurance standards upon installation.  Emergency equipment has easy activation.  Sink-mounted eyewashers discontinue water flow upon returning assembly to storage position.  Faucet-mounted assemblies, drench hoses, portable units and vertically-mounted showers offer a broad range of emergency equipment.

  • Air Clean Systems, Inc.

    Laminar Flow Hoods

    We offer polypropylene, seamlessly constructed workstations to create a particle-free environment.  Vertical laminar flow cabinets for bench-top application are compact and mobile, with optional shortwave UV light.  Horizontal work stations with sink and vacuum fittings available.  Free-standing and custom solutions include sashes, doors and filter change access points configured for your application. 

  • Custom Engineered Containment Systems

    Flow Sciences


    Custom Engineered Containment Systems by Flow Sciences

    Visit the Flow Sciences website: www.flowsciences.com

  • Steelco


    Laboratory Glassware Cleaning, Automated Washing Systems.

  • Thermal Product Solutions

    Thermal Product Solutions

    BLUE M, Tenney, and Gruenberg Products such as  industrial ovens, laboratory ovens, temperature/humidity stability chambers, light industrial furnaces, inert gas ovens, ASTM ovens, curing ovens, environmental test chambers, standard reach in and walk in as well as custom configurations, granulation dryers, process conveyor ovens, dry heat sterilizers.

  • Other


    Glove box systems ideal for clean room and laboratory work requiring a sealed chamber or controlled atmosphere environment.  High visibility, anti-static glove boxes are resistant to abrasion and chemicals and suitable for conducting air sensitive reactions under inert conditions.  The chemically welded construction is gastight with removable covers for chamber access.  Options are available for sensitive instruments, infectious agents, hazardous materials and static dissipation.

    Laboratory Seating - Clean Room, Ergonomic, & ESD


    School, universitiy and research lab seating products must be durable and ergonomic.  Different options are available at each price point.  For unique needs in clean rooms and laboratories, ESD chairs feature advanced electro-static dissipating technology for protection of sensitive electronic equipment.  Chairs are warranted against mechanical or structural failure due to defective material or workmanship.

    Production & Table Top Freeze Dryers

    Floor model and bench top freeze drying models meet the needs of researchers and lab technicians.  The lyophilization range desired by each unique application can be achieved by our refrigeration packages, condenser capacity, clean room and shelf configuration, control software, endpoint detection.  Sizes are available ranging from bench top to large scale operations.